Prosser grain silo and antique shop destroyed after fire

PROSSER, Wash. – A fire started at M & E Seed and Grain Company just after 8 p.m. on Wednesday night. The administrator for the City of Prosser, Tom Glover, saw the entire building engulfed in flames by the time he arrived just 15 minutes later.

“I think I was just kind of astonished that the whole thing burned so quickly and right to the ground despite all the water they put on it. It was a really hot fire,” Glover said.

He said it burned fast and it burned long. The smoldering continued into Thursday morning and through the afternoon, despite the efforts of local firefighters.

The grain building, located on the corner of 7th Street and Stacey Avenue, is said to have been standing in the city of Prosser since the 1920s. The streets closed to through traffic as the teams worked to extinguish the fire.

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“It spread pretty rapidly throughout the entire structure, because it’s been used as a grain storage facility for years, and it was probably just lots of grain dust and things,” Glover said.

While the true cause of the fire remains unknown, Glover claims there might have also been an explosion as the fire started.

“I heard people talk about an explosion, and that can sometimes happen with grain elevators when they catch fire because they ignite so quickly,” Glover said.

The fire was contained to the initial business and the attached antique shop called The Rumor Mill Antiques. Glover confirmed that they couldn’t save either structure.

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He recalled a grand effort from fire crews spanning West Benton County, Grandview, Sunnyside and other agencies to keep the fire from spreading further from the building.

This comes only about a year after extensive damage tore through a butcher shop, the City Hall, the Police Department, Ace Hardware and the Masonic Temple in downtown Prosser.

Glover stated there was no connection between these two incidents, but that people are sad to see these losses of historic structures in the community.


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