Prosser group drafts recall against four school board members

PROSSER, Wash. — It’s a long list of claims against four of the five Prosser School Board Members.

The group, Recall 2 Restart saying the members have ignored school policies, and violated statues of the Open Public Meetings Act along with other charges.

“I had enough, that was my decision to make,” Monica Flores-Niemeyer said.

Flores-Niemeyer is a spokesperson for the group.

She said not every charge they’re listing on the petition applies to every member.

“Not all of them pertain to all the board members listed in the complaint, however, because there is a door that they opened in a violation they all are listed,” she said.

Flores-Niemeyer said parents, teachers and students have reached out to her, saying they’re tired of unanswered questions from the school board and a lack of transparency.

“It’s bigger than a recall at this point, even if it happens and there is a change in the board, we still have to repair what was done,” she said.

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Monica added, there’s still several unanswered questions.

In an earlier report, we asked the school district why Athletic Director Kevin Lusk was cut, even though the replacement levy was passed with over $800,000 for athletics.

Then, weeks later, a half teacher, half athletic director position appeared for proposal on the board’s agenda.

“I don’t see how this was a plan of thought, this seems like a plan of reaction,” Monica said.

In a June 13th meeting, the board members discussed what that position would be paid.

Monica said because she lives in Sunnyside, she likely won’t be able to file the petition, but she does have grandchildren in the district, which is why she’s a part of the effort.

“We’re going to have to ask these individuals that are concerned to step up in a very public light,” she said.

KAPP KVEW has reached out to all four board members named in the recall, but as of Wednesday evening, hasn’t heard back.

Monica said the group just wants what’s best for the students.

“I don’t know what the outcome will be but it’s the craziest thing even at this point, even now we could still fix it, we could still have communication, we want communication, nobody wants this.”