Prosser librarian on paid administrative leave speaks out at local town hall

610 KONA Radio Town Hall

Leaders in the Latino community met with the Prosser School District librarian, Peggy Brown, who was placed on administrative leave after she made controversial statements about immigration in her Facebook post back in February.

In her post, Brown said the day without immigrants was quote, “An absolutely great day,” sparking a media firestorm.

After many heated debates over the internet, both Brown and the local Hispanic business and political group Consejo Latino, finally had a chance to debate at a town hall in Kennewick, hosted by 610 KONA Radio to share views on immigration.

“If you want to dehumanize a human being label them as illegal. Now they are less than a human,” Consejo Latino digital coordinator Rick Rios said.

Members of Consejo Latino also said the term is offensive and shouldn’t be used to describe undocumented immigrants.

Whereas Brown expressed a different view on the usage of the term.

“You know we like to spend a lot of time talking about labels when you know lets just get to the meat of it if your here illegally that’s it,” Prosser School District Librarian Peggy Brown said.

Brown is still on paid administrative leave with the Prosser School District.

This issue and more on immigration was discussed more in depth in the town hall debate Tuesday night.

This is currently a developing story and our news team will continue to bring you more updates throughout Wednesday.