Prosser parents fall victim to scam claiming their child was in an accident

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Phishing is one of the most common online scams. It’s a form of social engineering, meaning a scam in which the “human touch” is used to trick people. One offline form of phishing is when you receive a scam phone call where someone claims to be calling from the fraud department at your bank and requests your account number as verification.

With online phishing, scammers do the same kind of thing but use emails and links to fraudulent websites to fool users. In your spam folder, you’ll often see messages claiming to be from Bank of America and others. These links lead to imitation bank sites designed to capture your personal banking information.

PROSSER, Wash. — If there’s one thing that will strike fear into a parent, it’s learning that their child was involved in some kind of an accident. This was the experience of several parents of students at Housel Middle School, who were targeted in a phone scam.

According to an alert issued through the Prosser School District, the administration at Housel Middle School was contacted by several parents who said they received a call about their child being in an accident. This scam call indicates that their child needs to be picked up from school.

For HHS parents, you can verify any request by calling the front office directly at 509-786-1732.

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If you are a parent or guardian who receives a call like this from another school, simply call the school’s front desk to verify the situation.

This was the message shared by officials from the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, who took the matter seriously. They posted the following statement via social media:

“If you receive a similar call from the school please call the school back on a published number to confirm the call as legitimate before leaving work or traveling to the school.”


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