Prosser school bus driver facing backlash for religious signs

Prosser school bus driver facing backlash for religious signs

Concerned parents met with the Prosser School District Superintendent Friday morning, voicing their opinions on a truck with controversial messages.

One side of the sign reads “Beware! Islam, Mormanism, Watchtower, Cults. Jesus is Lord.” The other side states, “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”

The truck belongs to Dale Brown, a Prosser school bus driver. He parks the truck near the transportation department, down the street from Keene-Riverview Elementary.

Dale’s wife, Peggy Brown, is a librarian at Prosser Heights Elementary currently on paid leave for a Facebook post about the “Day Without Immigrants” protest in February.

Dale and Peggy put the signs on their truck last summer. Dale said since then, they have faced constant backlash. The car was even egged.

“When somebody starts preaching something other than Jesus Christ we need to stand up and speak about it,” said Brown. “There’s all kinds of other ‘isms’ and religions that contradict and challenge the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Brown created a YouTube video explaining why he decided to put the signs on his truck.

Now a group of parents are talking to the school district about what can be done.

“I don’t feel comfortable with my son maybe being on a bus with that person or being around that person,” said Carie LaMarsh.

LaMarsh had to explain the signs to her second grade son. She created a Facebook page called “Not in Our Town Prosser” to make the community aware of the truck and bring activists together. The page now has more than one hundred likes and followers.

“It is complete bigotry. I was outraged that nothing had been done, nobody had said anything about it,” said LaMarsh.

“I don’t know what can be done, but I think the more people that are aware of this may be able to make a bigger stand on it.,” she said.

But Brown stands by his right to drive around with the messages. The couple even manages a blog about these issues titled “Are Dale and Peggy Brown Racists?”

Brown said this issue has nothing to do with the original post Peggy made.

“They’re simply trying to use our original posts as a catalyst to try and pressure the district to fire us or in the very least to shut our truck down which is not going to happen,” said Brown.

Prosser School District Superintendent Ray Tolcacher told us last week that they can not take away Brown’s freedom of speech and the truck has not been on school property.