Prosser School District shares first draft of new social media policy

first draft of new social media policy
Prosser School District shares first draft of new social media policy

The Prosser School District shared its first draft of its new social media policy with community members Tuesday night, after employee Peggy Brown was reinstated from her leave over controversial speech she shared on Facebook about the day without immigration protest.

Many community members who attended the Tuesday board meeting acknowledged the districts action.

“Thank you for continuing to listen to our concerns, and for this policy,” member of Tri-City Dems, Jessica Montery said.

While others felt betrayed by Brown’s reinstatement, saying in part that it sends the wrong message.

“By allowing her back into the school district you guys are with her, even though you don’t believe that,” Prosser Heights Elementary School parent, David Lepez said to the board.

Whereas, the district doing its best to highlight its first steps towards change.

“At least it sets the parameters of what the expectations are,” Prosser School District Superintendent, Ray Tolcacher said.

The new policy will also allow the district to consider disciplinary action including termination, if expressions on social media cause actual or potential disruption within the district.

Moreover, all online communication must now comply with codes of conduct, reflect positively on the Prosser School District, and maintain professionalism.

The initial policy draft includes many more details that the district will review at its next meeting before finalizing its policy.