Prosser students start classes as the city continues cleanup efforts

The city of Prosser is recovering from a wind storm on Labor Day with crews working to clear debris, officials assisting residents with damage and kids starting classes online now that internet has been restored.

Mayor Randy Taylor declared a local emergency in Prosser which opens the city up for help from the county. Thomas Glover, a city administrator, said the biggest issue is moving and disposing of large branches.

“”It’s just nuts and bolts stuff right now, like people on the ground picking stuff up,” Glover said,  “We did get a bunch of large dumpsters over here that people can drop off their large branches and throw them in there. I know public works is going around with a chipper and collecting what they can too.”

Glover said some trees on public lands did impact some homes, causing damage. He said the city will be taking care of that damage as well as picking up limbs in neighborhoods and clearing roadways. He credited community members for their efforts as well. The main streets of downtown Prosser were completely cleared by Wednesday morning.

“Folks around the community we’re out cleaning up the sidewalks and coming together so that was really great to hear,” he said, “The people around downtown got their shovels and trash bags and helped clear all of this”

By Wednesday, electricity was restored throughout Benton County allowing students in the Prosser School District to begin the 2020-2021 school year virtually. Students were suppose to begin on Tuesday but classes were postponed due to damage. Despite the delay, the district is still offering services like food distribution. Students can pick up breakfast and lunch from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm at Keene-Riverview Elementary, Housel Middle School, and Prosser High School. The district is also delivering food through bus routes. Following a regularly scheduled route, students can pick up meals at their bus stops every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Meals for the entire week will be provided on those two days.