Puppy dies after going missing from crash that killed her twin brother outside Richland

Dog Dies After Richland Rollover
Karma (L) and Gus (R)
Courtesy of Mandie Mullins

RICHLAND, Wash. — A French Bulldog has died after she went missing from the scene of a semi-truck crash outside Richland that claimed the life of her twin brother on Friday, the dogs’ owner confirmed.

Mandie Mullins said she was driving with her husband and two dogs, Karma and Gus, in the semi when a car passed her on the blindside shoulder. She said she hit the brakes to avoid the car, causing her to lose control and roll the vehicle.

The semi rolled at the on-ramp where I-82 westbound meets I-82 eastbound. The Washington State Patrol said only there were no minor injuries. However, both dogs were ejected from the vehicle.

Gus died at the scene and Karma ran away. Both dogs were about two months shy of their first birthday.

Hours after the crash, Mullins, a Georgia resident, pleaded for the community’s help to find her dog in a Tri-Cities Facebook group. She said she was blown away by the response.

One couple spent a full two days searching with her and her husband. Another couple helped put up posters and keep up with Facebook and Craigslist posts.

“We NEVER would have gotten that type of help in Georgia where we are from,” Mullins said on iMessenger. “We were overwhelmed with the amount of people willing to help.”

Then on Wednesday, Mullins announced in the Facebook group that Karma had passed away.

She wrote, “Karma was found this morning. She was hit by car and she is gone. Thank you to everyone who helped search. Karma and Gus we love you and miss you so much. You are loved. Rest In Peace.”

When asked what her dogs meant to her, she said they were like her children:

“They kept my husband and I sane on the road while we’re away from our human children and families. They brought joy to our lives everyday. They made us laugh constantly with the silly things they did. They both loved to people watch. Karma was skittish with strangers, but Gus never met a stranger. If we were stressed driving in traffic or something they knew it and would jump in our laps to comfort us. They were both so jealous it was amusing. If my husband or I pet Gus, Karma would bump him out of the way to get the attention even if she was asleep it would wake her up and she would butt in. Gus was the same way. They would end up climbing on each other to get attention.”

Although she is devastated by the loss of her two dogs, Mullins said she is grateful to the community for their support.