Purse snatchers stealing wallets, using stolen cards in Pendleton, La Grande

PENDLETON, Ore. — Authorities in Umatilla County are looking for a couple of purse snatchers who are going on spending sprees with stolen cards.

According to social media posts from the La Grande Police Department and Pendleton Police Department, the two men are looking for victims inside stores, then using the cards at other stores.

The two suspects in a theft case out of La Grande “distracted a woman at a local grocery store, took her wallet and went to another store,” police said Sunday afternoon on Facebook. “They then used the stolen credit cards to purchase thousands of dollars of merchandise.”

Police in Pendleton confirm that La Grande isn’t the only city in Umatilla County that is experiencing this problem.

“Unfortunately these two are committing the same crimes in Pendleton – be on the look out people and help us identify these purse snatchers!!” PPD posted on Monday morning.

Still images taken from store surveillance video and shared online by the La Grande Police Department show one of the stores where the duo operated was a Walmart.

La Grande police would like you to report any information related to the La Grande cases — and the suspects seen in the photos above — to Officer Hernandez at 541-963-1017.

To report a crime or other non-emergency activity in Pendleton, contact Pendleton Police Dispatch at 541-966-3650.


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