Quick-thinking construction workers extinguish house fire in Pasco

House Fire
Image Credit: Pasco Police

PASCO, Wash. — Emergency crews didn’t have to do much when they received a call about a house fire in Pasco Wednesday, June 29.  

According to Pasco Police, they arrived at the scene of the fire on Chelan Court near Road 100 to find the fire was already extinguished.  

Employees of C & E Trenching working nearby literally jumped into action when they saw smoke and flames on the side of the house. A worker hopped over the fence with a fire extinguisher and another got their water truck in order to douse the flames.  

Fire crews arriving shortly after, added more water and ensured there were no hotspots to extinguish. 

The workers’ quick-thinking helped contain the fire to the siding on the exterior of the home.  

Pasco Police say they don’t know what caused the fire, but believe it may have been related to the spontaneous combustion of organic material in a potted plant beside the house.