Raise Your Flag

Raise Your Flag

Central Washington University staff members Loran Allen and Joe Allemand spend the morning raising 12th Man flags across campus.

The two maintenance workers came up with the idea after finding out Governor Jay Inslee declared every Friday before a Seahawks game, “Blue Friday.”

One flag is flying on top of Barge Hall, one of the tallest buildings in Kittitas County, and the other at the flag pavilion, near the library.

Allen and Allemand say they want to let the team in Seattle know their fans are spread across the Northwest.

“We get a lot of students and stuff from the west side, all over the state and the Northwest,” said Allen, “Let’s feel their presence on Sunday against the 49ers.”

“I know the NFL, they all have their fans, and they’re all hardcore fans,” said Allemand, “But it seems to me, even watching the football seen nationally, that Seattle fans are hands down the best.”

The school says the flags will remain up for as long as the Seahawks remain in the playoffs.

The Seahawks are scheduled to kick off against the 49ers on Sunday at 3:30 pm.

The winner from the game will face either the Denver Broncos or New England Patriots in the Superbowl.