‘Rally Against the Mandate’ draws hundreds of protestors near Hanford site

RICHLAND, Wash. — Hundreds attended the “Rally Against the Mandate” near the Hanford site Wednesday evening. Organizers say the recent vaccine mandate is confusing and restricts people’s freedom of choice.

The event was held off of Stevens Drive at the old Hanford bus depot. Speakers included Washington Rep. Brad Klippert, The Silent Majority Foundation, and those testifying their alleged injuries from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

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While holding signs with sayings like “My dad is the best electrical worker, don’t take his job!” and “Was essential,” protesters received support from drivers who honked their horns as they rode past.

Organizers say that many of the people in attendance are confused as stories circulate of differing policies between Hanford contractors. Some claim they work from home and were granted exemptions, while others that work on-site were not.

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“All I know is that basically, you know, I’m confused, and a lot of people are confused here,” says Scott Anderson, a group member with Hanford and PNNL workers against the mandate Facebook group. “They just want to say ‘Hey, why the confusion? Why not we go ahead and just, give people a choice?’ And that way, if you don’t want to get the shot, we’d be more than happy to keep our jobs, and keep working.”

Organizers say that the rallies are expected to continue until the mandates are lifted.

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