Randall Park Fundraising Challenge!

Randall Park Fundraising Challenge!

Yakima Parks and Recreation is in line to receive $100,000 towards improving Randall Park donated by an anonymous donor, but there is a catch, the donor is making it a challenge!

If the community raises $100,000 on their own for the park, the anonymous donor will match the amount.

Parks and Recreation already received an anonymous donation of $50,000 last fall to upgrade Randall Park. As the department began planning on how to use the original donation they received word of this new donor challenge.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, make out a check to the Randall Park Improvement Challenge.

If the challenge is met, the city would have $250,000 to give a facelift to the park, but Parks and Recreation Manager Ken Wilkinson says the $250,000 could be matched by a state grant raising the total to $500,000 for the park to make significant changes

The park located south of Nob Hill in between 44th and 48th Avenue will be accepting donations for this donor challenge through August 11th.