Rattlesnake Hills Fire is 40 percent contained

Rattlesnake Hills Fire is 40 percent contained

It’s been a warm and tough morning for fire crews battling the Rattlesnake Ridge Fire in Moxee and for some residents like Lisa Sifuentes, it’s kept her on the edge of her seat.

“I’m a little nervous they said it wasn’t going to probably get as far down to the orchards and now it’s at the orchard,” said Moxee resident Lisa Sifuentes.

Fire crews, working overnight to put out flames that started close to 11 Wednesday night and although they were able to contain the area where the fire started it quickly grew burning over 5,000 acres.

“The issue is that our weather is sort of deteriorating and what we’ve been seeing in Eastern Washington over the last couple weeks is the wind is playing a huge role in fire behavior,” said state mobilization spokesperson Rich Elliot.

Right now fire crews haven’t had an issue with wind but if Mother Nature decides to change that, it could mean trouble.

“This is going to get you know a lot more complicated, right now it feels like we have the right amount of resources come in to contain this,” said Elliot.

The fire also impacting air quality.

“We are encouraging people who have respiratory issues to sort of take that into account in activities in upper Yakima County,” said Elliot.

Firefighters working around homes and crops, trying to prevent damage.

“The bulk of the efforts right now are meant to secure the structures as the fire front approaches,” said Elliot.

As for Sifuentes hopeful the fire won’t reach her.

“I’m trying to say it’s not going to come down this way but you never know,” said Sifuentes.

and if it does she’ll be ready to.

“We’ll just pack up ourselves and our pets,” said Lisa Sifuentes.

The fire is 40-percent contained and continues to burn.

The cause is still under investigation.