Raw video: Zlatich house fire in Finley; neighbor Kaufman suspected

Video courtesy: Dan O’Neill

FINLEY, Wash. — Video obtained by KAPP-KVEW gives a new look at the shooting and arson attack early Wednesday morning in Finley that left one man dead and nearly killed another.

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Investigators believe the attack was part of a crime spree that extended into Kennewick and ended with gunfire in West Richland.

Ryan Kaufman, 43, was identified by Kennewick police on Friday as the person who set fires at local IBEW buildings on Wednesday. Detectives with the Special Investigations Unit believe he’s tied to a fiery crime scene in Finley, where he lived behind a home owned by the Zlatich family.

The Zlatich property went up in flames that morning. One family member died, another was shot and wounded, and told deputies his neighbor did it. When deputies arrived, Kaufman and his truck were missing.

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Neighbor Dan O’Neill shared a video that he recorded from Finley on that fateful morning. O’Neill said the sound of a gunshot woke him up. He said he thought it “might be someone shooting a skunk or other predator, then there were 5-6 more shots.”

“I had my window open then about 3:50 you could hear the sound that the flames were making.”

O’Neill said he and his family got up went out to their pasture, then jumped in a truck and “drove over to the ditch bank where one of the house and shop fires were burning and you could see the Zlatich places burning.”

“This was fire along the ditch bank off Bryson Brown approximately 4:00,” O’Neill explained.

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Later that day, Kaufman’s parents, Daniel Kaufman, 75, and Vickie Kaufman, 68, were found shot to death in their burned home at 4312 S Gum St. in Kennewick. SIU detectives believe Ryan Kaufman killed his parents in Kennewick and set their home on fire and also committed the shooting and fires in Finley before catching his own truck on fire while driving to West Richland, where he shot at officers who, in turn, shot and killed him.

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