Reading for the Future: First Teacher Library

First Teacher Library A Program Of The Childrens Reading Foundation Of The Mid Columbia 1

KENNEWICK, Wash. –Being a new teacher comes with challenges, including a small budget. According to the New York Times, 94% of teachers spend their own money on resources for their classrooms. The Children’s Reading Foundation for the Mid-Columbia wants to help new teachers get a head start on their success through their First Teacher Library program.

The Children’s Reading Foundation of the Mid-Columbia is gifting new teachers a free 75 book library with high-quality children’s books valued at $200 to help them start their careers. The foundation wants to celebrate and honor new teachers in Benton and Franklin counties.

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“This is the least that we can do. We know for many teachers starting out don’t have a large classroom budget, and this is our way to support them and make sure those kids coming into their classroom have access to books,” said Elizabeth Barnes, executive director, Children’s Reading Foundation of the Mid-Columbia.

The foundation is accepting applications for all new first teachers for Preschool through 3rd Grade. This program is for new teachers who are in their first full-time classroom since certification. To apply or know a teacher who qualifies, visit:

Click Here: New Teacher Library Application 

“These books are really for the teacher to use year after year and help them continue on their journey as teachers moving forward,” said Barnes.