Recall petition against Kennewick Mayor Don Britain dismissed by judge

Recall petition dismissed

KENNEWICK, Wash. — A petition to recall Kennewick Mayor Don Britain was dismissed in a Benton County courtroom on Wednesday morning.

The judge said the allegations depicted in the petition are “insufficient” and the actions of Britain did not violate the common law and constitution. According to the petitioner, Richard Bilskis, the Kennewick mayor committed an unlawful act. He said it constitutes as “malfeasance” under the Council Code of Ethics.

KAPP-KVEW obtained the recall petition filed, which describes 14 separate acts that Bilskis claimed violated state and local laws as well as the city code, which would violate his oath.

However, a Benton County judge did not see it that way. In court, the petition was dismissed. An ethics complaint, filed by other city council members, is still pending.

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