‘Recall Sheriff Jerry Hatcher’ group turns in signatures

Recall Benton County Sheriff Jerry Hatcher Petitions With Signatures

KENNEWICK, Wash. — A group pushing to recall Benton County Sheriff Jerry Hatcher delivered boxes full of signed petitions to the county auditor on Friday.

Last fall, the Washington Supreme Court ruled there is enough evidence to move forward with a recall.

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The group will need to have gathered and submitted nearly 14,000 valid signatures on recall petitions in order to put the issue on a Benton County ballot. The group claims it turned in more than enough on Friday.

“I’ve talked and visited with several deputies and the stories they tell me describe the character of a man I do not want to be a leader in my community,” said Sabrina Nelson. “This is my hometown. I have high expectations of our elected officials here.”

Sheriff Hatcher is accused of stealing more than a dozen cases of ammunition from the county and then interfering in the investigation against him. Hatcher’s lawyer says the sheriff hasn’t had a chance to defend himself against the accusations like he would if this went to court.

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The sheriff told KAPP-KVEW last fall he has no plans to step down.

“I’m not gonna allow somebody to come in with unsubstantiated charges, and push us out, if we allow that we will never have constitutionally based sheriffs that will stand up for the rights of the people and for the rights of the employees,” Hatcher explained in November.

The county auditor will go through the signatures dropped off Friday and determine whether they reach the threshold to trigger a special election for the recall — and make sure they’re all legitimate. That process is expected to take more than a week.

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