Record-breaking necklace on display in Pennsylvania

Record-breaking necklace on display in Pennsylvania
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Honesdale — Up close, it looks like a regular beaded necklace on display.

But back up, and you’ll see it’s much more.

This 10-foot-tall display outside of Bloom on Main Street in Honesdale is holding a Guinness World Record for the longest necklace.

“I wish I could wear all of them! I am a little short, so I can’t do it but the work that went into it is amazing,” said Rondy Nachlis, Kingston.

This is the result of months of planning and beading.

It took 4,000 people and more than one million donated beads to make this happen.

For Maryann Corey, who runs both Bloom and a cancer retreat called Lonakana, it’s a labor of love.

She found out they broke the record, last Thursday.

“We just wanted to do something to bring attention to our organization. We’ve been doing beading in hospitals and cancer centers for over 19 years now and we just made smiles through our therapy. We decided to get help from our community who was wonderful and so excited, couldn’t wait to help,” said Maryann Corey, Bloom owner.

The entire necklace isn’t on display here, about 16 more of these reels are in storage. It will be out here all weekend long and you’re encouraged to come and take a picture.

And that’s exactly what Kim Erickson from Honesdale was doing.

“My residents helped put this necklace together, they did several sections of it, so I thought it would be cool to get a picture and bring it back to show them,” said Kim Erickson, Honesdale.

Maryann Corey says she hopes to donate the reels of beads that are in storage to different schools, centers, and organization that helped make this record-breaking necklace dream a reality.