Repairing the damage from recent flooding keeping contractors busy

Repairing the damage from recent flooding keeping contractors busy

Jacob Mayier with Westside Carpet Cleaning has been all around town since flooding hit the Yakima area, and after a busy week of floods he is finally getting to non-emergency work.

“We come in to clean the carpets afterwards to make sure they are sanitized and up to standard for people going in getting serviced at their building,” said Westside Carpet Cleaning technician Jacob Mayier.

Cleaning technicians were finally able to reach Waffles Caffe, a week after continuous floods in the valley. Whether it’s through standard remodeling or house insurance, the company said emergency work is always at the top of the list.

“Sometimes we will have to jumble around our schedule as quick as possible and try to get out there as soon as possible that way no mold starts to settle,” said Mayier.

And of course, it all comes at a cost.

“Every circumstance kind of varies depending on how much water we have to suck out at different variables like that but emergency calls usually start out around $300,” added Mayier.

Adding even though it’s more complicated to receive payments through home insurance, technicians like Mayier can still get the job done.

“We like to take on most work that we can,” said Jacob Mayier.

Prepared for Mother Nature 24-hours a day.

Licensed contractors like Westside Carpet Cleaning said no matter who you look for to help in repairs, try to go for a licensed contractor to avoid any scams.