Richland City Council approves Westcliffe Heights subdivision

Richland City Council approves Westcliffe Heights subdivision

Members of the Crested Hills community expressed their concerns about a 140 acre subdivision with more than 200 homes citing the effect it would have on their overpopulated roads. Richland City Council members approved the project on Tuesday.

The Westcliffe Heights project south of Little Badger Mountain is expected to add 8,000-10,000 more commuters on Morency Road’s two pin switchbacks. “It was difficult for me to not vote for the current proposal because the developer did everything the law required,” said Richland Mayor Bob Thompson.

But despite what the law says, citizens still felt ignored. Crested Hills HOA Treasurer Craig Whitely says “The council seems to be more interested in avoiding lawsuits with developers than really addressing citizens’ concerns about safety and traffic.”

Whitely was one of the few Crested Hills Residents that stood before the council to show his case for a vote against the application.

“I feel like I don’t matter,” says Mollie Schlotthauer, who is also a resident at Crested Hills. “I feel like when the council says they want to vote right along with me, but they have to vote for the law, I feel like as residents, we don’t matter.”