Richland city council candidate’s past tweets upset community

Richland city council candidate’s past tweets upset community

Some Richland community members are concerned over city council candidate Lloyd Becker’s past tweets about Jewish people, Muslims and the LGBTQ community.

“Since #Obama finally admits he is Muslim, then you know he agrees with Jews are apes and swine, yet you voted for him,” he tweeted in January of 2013.

“Will the #Jews face another Holocaust? We know that babies have been facing their Holocaust. Abortions and infanticides,” Becker tweeted the same day.

Another tweet says “It is time for KristalNacht zwei.” Kristallnacht refers to a violent massacre against Jews throughout Nazi Germany. The word zwei translates to ‘two’ in German.

Becker is running for Richland City Council position 3 against incumbent Sandra Kent.

Screenshots of the tweets are being shared on Facebook. Some are calling it disturbing.

“The ugly is out in the open these days,” one commenter wrote.

Becker tweets about politics, gun control, the LGBTQ community and current events.

“It would be interesting to see what left wing nutjob would try to shoot someone. It is the left that is killing these people anyway,” he tweeted in December of 2012.

His most recent tweet from Sept. 20 referred to The Late Show host Stephen Colbert as a “POS.”

“S***head lying about the Emmys. Have you ever seen a turd-tongue? look @ cobert mouth, it wiggles,” he tweeted.

Lloyd Becker said he hasn’t seen the past tweets in a long time and doesn’t know if he agrees with them anymore or not.

He said the release of the tweets on Facebook is: “Nothing more than someone trying to throw me off my game.”

“These were brought up because Sandra Kent is a weak candidate,” Becker said, referencing a debate she allegedly missed at KONA radio. “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

However, Sandra Kent said she did not encourage anyone to post the tweets and she is not on social media, thus did not know about them before Wednesday.

Kent said she has been vocal about the fact she does not agree with Becker, but she has always treated him with respect.