Richland boutique storefront destroyed in car accident

People stand outside of Amber Rose Consignment Boutique after a driver ran through the storefront, seemingly accidentally, on the evening of Tuesday, January 11, 2021.

RICHLAND, Wash. — A boutique on George Washington Way was shocked when a car drove through its storefront on Tuesday evening.

Richland PD Officer Ron Schneider confirmed one bystander’s suspicion that the driver hit the gas pedal instead of brakes in their vehicle.

The driver, who was described as elderly, was seen sweeping glass off of his truck, which didn’t look to be majorly damaged.

Richland PD confirmed that no injuries were sustained in the incident.

Though no one was hurt, the Amber Rose Consignment Boutique storefront was shattered. People were spotted clearing debris and glass from the building.

The extent of the damage hasn’t been clarified, but it appeared as if much of the store’s inventory was unharmed.

This is a developing story that will be updated as new information is gathered.

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