Richland Emergency Services says wildfire is under control

Richland Wildfire April 28 2021
Image submitted by Karla Riccobuono on April 28, 2021

RICHLAND, Wash. — Smoke billowed through the air near the Yakima River Delta and Highway 240 through the entire afternoon into Wednesday night, but local authorities say that the brush fires are under control.

According to Richland Emergency Services, the wildfire is being monitored by two dedicated fire crews tonight. Though the fire hasn’t been fully extinguished, it’s expected to fizzle out naturally in a specified burn zone. Richland Police confirmed that there is no active threat posed to the public.

The wildfires were reported shortly after noon along SR 240; just south of I-182. That led to a prompt response from first responders. Traffic officials closed part of the westbound lanes of SR 240 because of poor visibility from the smoke. All lanes have since been re-opened as conditions cleared up through the course of the night.

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Fire engulfed trees, shrubs and grass along the Yakima River, nearly spreading under the bridge adjacent to SR 240 near George Washington Way. Fortunately, fire crews were able to contain the spread in that area.

This brush fire was particularly difficult to contain because of the deep vegetation in the area. It was difficult to access certain regions of the fire, which played a factor in the spread.

Local authorities are monitoring winds and other weather conditions through the night. Concerned citizens have been calling into the Richland Police Department because the flames appear more powerful against the backdrop of the night. They have asked the community to stop calling dispatch about the fire since it is officially under control.

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