Richland family creates candy chute for a COVID-19 safe Halloween

The pandemic has been forcing the community to get more creative in the holiday season.

Instead of walking up to doors and knocking, one Richland family built a candy chute to send sweet treats into buckets but at a safe distance.

Bill Ruzicka said he saw the idea online and wanted to bring it to the Tri-Cities.

“We thought it’d be awesome to be able to do something where people could still feel safe coming up,” Ruzicka said.

He and his family dropped sweets down the chute while eager trick-or-treaters held their candy-carrier of choice at the bottom.

Because of their love for Halloween, the family said when coronavirus came around, there was no doubt they’d find a way to celebrate while being socially distant.

“We’ve been decorating for sixteen or seventeen years,” Ruzicka said. “There’s an expectation from neighbors, family and friends of what we are going to do at our house.”

Ethan Ruzicka said this might even be their new normal.

“I think it’s maybe a bit cooler because the candy kind of looks like little missiles going into your bucket,” Ruzicka said.