Richland former Gonzaga player to see team make history

On April 1 Gonzaga will play their first game ever in the NCAA Final Four.

For a former player living in Richland, seeing the team make history this year brings back record-breaking memories from 1999.

“Just watching them run around like crazy totally brings back some memories I can totally like feel those crazy emotions you know,” said Kincaid.

In his freshman year, as the only walk-on on the team, the Zags were the Cinderella story, making it to the elite eight for the first time.

Richland former Gonzaga player to see team make history

“It was almost more fun I guess in the sense because we were always the underdog, we were always expected to lose,” said Kincaid.

Back then, it was a different time for Gonzaga Athletics.

“Nobody even knew who we were,” said Kincaid.

He said people used to pronounce Spokane and Gonzaga wrong.

This year the team is 36-1, ranking first in the West Coast.

Richland former Gonzaga player to see team make history

Now the Hanford High graduate is a business professor at Heritage University and the author of a newly released book Permission to Speak Freely: How the Best Leaders Cultivate a Culture of Candor.

He remembers the feeling of winning the game to get the team into the elite eight.

“It was really exciting, it’s just kind of an adrenaline rush but also a little bit of disbelief like ‘wow, we’re really going.,” said Kincaid.

He will bring his 8-year-old son to Phoenix for the game this weekend, reuniting with other former players.

“We played together, you know 17 years ago. One guy is coming from Australia who lives there. All these people, all these old Gonzaga players are all coming into Phoenix,” said Kincaid.