Richland gas station running on limited fuel and product selections

RICHLAND, Wash. — Local complaints through social media have been made around Tri-Cities and Yakima about gas stations reportedly running out of fuel.

A locally owned gas station is experiencing something similar—though not gas shortages, but maintenance shortages.

“Here at this location, specifically, I’m not seeing a gas shortage problem. We are down to one grade because of the problem with the tanks that we have, and it’s not getting fixed,” said Baber Mohammad, the owner of the 7-Eleven on George Washington Way and Spengler Street in Richland. “We have only one grade available, which is regular grade, and we’re okay. We’re not seeing shortages in that volume sense.”

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“It’s impacting our business every day,” Mohammad said.

The 7-Eleven is only selling regular grade gas, which limits the customers who can get fueled at the station. As well as the limited selection of fuel outside, the gas station also has a limited selection of products inside.

“We’re having vendor problems inside. The vendor says the manufacturer is out,” Mohammad said. “This is a small convenience store. It’s 7-Eleven. If you see the shelves, they’re pretty much still empty, and we’re still experiencing problems with the vendors.”

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Redbull, dog food and many types of snacks are being restocked less in his store due to these vendor supply issues. He attributes this to a lack of workers, manufacturers and deliverers.

While the gas station is not seeing a volume shortage in gas, it is experiencing customers who aren’t getting the supplies, snacks and gas that they’re looking for.

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