Richland girl, 14, lured stabbing victim to park to steal his weed, court docs say

Richland girl, 14, lured stabbing victim to park to steal his weed, court docs say

A man was stabbed multiple times at a Richland park early Tuesday after a 14-year-old girl set him up to steal marijuana from him, according to a probable cause affidavit.

The girl told police she had hung out with 19-year-old Timothy Doroshuck in the past, and she knew he sold marijuana. She said she’d seen about two pounds of weed in the trunk of his car and believed he was interested in having sex with her.

The girl said on the night before the stabbing, she spoke to two people named “Josh” and “Robbie” about a plan to lure Doroshuck to Craighill Park by sneaking out of the house and having him drive her there.

When Doroshuck drove the girl to the park, police said the girl admitted she texted Josh to let him know they were there in the car.

A short time later, the alleged accomplices showed up, one carrying a “fake” gun and the other carrying a knife, the girl told police.

They got in the backseat of Doroshuck’s car and one put the gun to the victim’s head while the other put the knife to his throat. They both threatened to kill Doroshuck if he “didn’t give them what they wanted,” court documents say.

Josh and Robbie allegedly instructed the girl, who was sitting in the passenger seat, to grab Doroshuck’s keys from the ignition so he couldn’t drive away. Doroshuck then popped the trunk, and the girl got out to get the marijuana. She told police she slipped on ice and accidently closed the trunk.

Meanwhile, the girl told investigators that Doroshuck tried to run away, and Josh and Robbie chased him down to keep him quiet. They wrestled with him, and he was stabbed approximately 11 times.

The girl told police she got scared, threw the keys and ran.

Doroshuck called a friend to take him to Kadlec Regional Medical Center with serious injures. He has since been released from the hospital.

The hospital notified authorities about the patient around 3 a.m.

Later that morning, authorities tracked the girl to her home where she lives with her grandparents, who are both deaf. She later told police what happened and claimed that she never meant for the incident to go so far.

However, police noted that the girl walked home that night, never called police and was deceptive in giving her story.

The girl was arrested on suspicion of first-degree robbery and first-degree assault. She was booked at the Benton Franklin Juvenile Justice Center.

Her arraignment is scheduled for Feb. 27 and her bail is set at $50,000.

We have not learned if either of her two alleged accomplices have been identified or arrested.

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