Richland girl disarmed kidnapping suspect who broke into her home, cut him with his own knife

Richland girl disarmed kidnapping suspect who broke into her home, cut him with his own knife

New details are emerging about the man accused of breaking into a Richland home and assaulting an 11-year-old girl before fleeing on Sunday morning.

30-year-old Jordan C. K. Smith was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of first-degree assault, burglary and attempted kidnapping.

According to court documents, on Sunday police responded after the girl’s parent called police and told them that their daughter woke up to the man straddling her and holding a knife to her neck. The family reported that the suspect had threatened to hurt her family if she did not leave with him.

The girl was able to disarm the suspect and cut him on his arm and torso, the court documents state. The girl was also cut on her right thumb in the process. Smith then fled through the front door, leaving behind a pair of black Converse All-Stars.

Officers used blood droplets leading from the front of the house through the driveway and into the street to try to track down Smith using a police K9. The K9 led officers to Sicily Lane, Gala Way, and Verona Lane before losing scent.

Fingerprints, blood, and cigarette butts were then taken as evidence. They determined Smith broke in through an unlocked garage door. Police say that he took of his shoes before entering and went downstairs to the basement.

After fleeing the scene, there were multiple vehicle prowl calls in the surrounding area. These are also believed to involve Smith as a suspect.

WSP used the blood to identify the suspect, and they discovered Smith was staying at a residence on Jericho Court.

Police saw him leaving the residence in a silver Nissan Altima towards Colombia Park Trail on Wednesday when they conducted a felony traffic stop. He was arrested without incident.

Smith then reportedly spoke with police, despite being told his Miranda Rights, and admitted to them that he drank heavily on Sunday and ‘could not recall anything’ before waking up just outside Sunnyside.

Smith also admitted that he woke up missing his shoes, with cuts and blood on him, and was missing his knife. When police told him the events, he then wanted to speak to an attorney.

He was booked into the Benton County Jail.