Richland native among thousands sent home by Harvard

Diana Wang

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Imagine waking up and having the rest of your senior year of college cancelled. Oh, and you have to move out in five days. That’s what happened to former Hanford High School student and Harvard University senior Diana Wang.

“I was honestly super shocked and at a loss for words,” Wang said, “Everywhere I walked today people looked like zombies, many were crying, or trying to hold back tears while still somehow trying to go to class.”

In a campus wide email the morning of March 10, Harvard announced they would switch over to online classes starting March 23 in an effort to protect students against COVID-19. The email also stipulated that all undergrad students had to move out of their housing by March 15.

Now, Wang must pack up her belongings and move back to the Tri-Cities a couple months ahead of schedule.

“I had already cancelled my spring break plans for next week and was going to spend my spring break on campus, but, now the whole school seems to be shutting down,” Wang said.

As of right now future events at Harvard are in limbo, including graduation.

If the school decides to cancel commencement, it would be the first time in Harvard’s history, since opening in 1636.