Richland paddleboard company brings yoga to local pool

RICHLAND, Wash. — Northwest Paddleboarding in Richland, has been working to get stand-up paddleboard yoga or SUP yoga to a local pool since they opened seven years ago.

Co-Owner Krista Patterson said recently, a friendship with a local parks and recreation manager helped make that dream come true.

Starting in the middle of June, SUP yoga by Northwest Paddleboarding will be offered at Pasco’s Memorial Pool on Friday evenings.

“We’re excited to open this up so that a lot more people hopefully will come buy paddleboard yoga with us because who hasn’t been in a pool right? Like just falling off into the pool is no big deal, falling into the river people get a little bit nervous about. Generally, an easy class a lot of like hands and knees poses seated poses laying down more focused on the like breathing and stretching rather than the balance,” Krista explained.

Unlike SUP on the river, paddleboard yoga in the pool does require participants to get wet. Krista said the likelihood of falling off is slim but, you will have to swim out to your paddleboard.

For SUP yoga at Memorial Pool, all you need to bring is a towel and wear clothes you don’t mind getting wet.

Krista said not only is SUP yoga fun, it’s also good for your health. On top of vitamin D from the sun, it also strengthens your core and balance.

“Working those stabilizer muscles a lot more than you would on land. When you’re in just a simple downward dog noticing you put more weight on the left side than the right side learning how your body works in that way is really good, it’s also really great post physical therapy for anyone who may have knee injuries, or ankle injuries,” she said.

Most classes will be at six in the evening on Friday’s starting mid-June, you can register here or learn more about rentals from Northwest Paddleboarding in Richland.

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