Richland police caution shoppers about credit card skimmers used locally

RICHLAND, Wash. — The Richland Police Department is asking local shoppers to be cautious after a device used to capture credit card information was found at the Richland Walmart.  

UPDATE: Richland Police Dept. releases photo of suspected Walmart card skimmer

According to police, “skimmers” are designed to fit over a legitimate machine. They can capture card information and your PIN.  

Police say Walmart has since removed the device and verified there are no others within the store.  

RPD has not received reports of any other business affected, but the department is asking people to be alert. Check to see if a card-reading device looks as though it’s been tampered with.  

A legitimate reader should not come apart easily, so police say you should check to make sure the reader and number pad is secured.  

RPD adds you should check your surroundings for possible cameras pointed at the number pad. Police say you can also use a debit card as a credit card to avoid using your PIN at many businesses.