UPDATE: Richland police complete review of officer involved shooting in February

UPDATE at 5:30 p.m. on Aug. 17: Richland Police Department’s Chief John Bruce has commented on the return of Officer Christian Jabri, who was placed on temporary leave for an officer-involved shooting.

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) report was completed in July, when an internal Richland Police Department council reviewed their findings. They submitted their findings to Bruce, who reinstated Jabri on Tuesday morning.

“I can tell you that as you read the report, Officer Jabri went through some de-escalation techniques, which has been a type of training long before this law took effect that mandated de-escalating calls for service,” Chief Bruce explains. “So, we already teach that, we practice that, and Officer Jabri tried his best to bring the situation down.”

The decision comes before the Benton County Prosecutor’s Office has decided whether or not to press criminal charges on Jabri. The attorney of Charlie Suarez, who was injured in the officer-involved shooting, condemns RPD’s decision.

According to Suarez’s attorney, the SIU investigation found that:

  • Suarez was unarmed
  • Suarez was over 26 feet away when Jabri fired his gun
  • Jabri had a non-lethal taser on him at the time of the incident, that Jabri did not use

Suarez’s attorney also claims that the SIU’s investigation gathered extensive background information on Saurez, but did not attempt to gather the same background information on Jabri.

RICHLAND, Wash. — The Richland Police Department completed its administrative review of an officer involved shooting in February saying that the actions of Officer Christian Jabri were “within policy.”

The shooting happened on February 1, 2021 on the bike path near the intersection of Duportail St. and SR 240 following a collision in the area.

The City of Richland released a statement Tuesday morning on the administrative review of the shooting.

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“Officer Christian Jabri’s decisions were determined to be reasonable and in response to a perceived immediate threat to his life,” the statement from the City of Richland said.

The Special Investigation Unit case is currently being reviewed by Benton County Prosecuting Attorney Andy Miller.

The City of Richland says Chief John Bruce has full confidence that Jabri’s actions were “appropriate, legal, and within policy.”

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The City of Richland says Officer Jabri will return to work immediately.