Richland Police face backlash for Facebook post about a baby left in a hot car

The Richland Police Department is facing some backlash on Facebook after a post about a child left in a hot car caught a lot of attention.

The department posted a photo showing officers searching a car on Tuesday night. The caption said, “Sgt. Florence and C Squad making quick work of auto safety glass to get to an infant who was locked in a hot vehicle. Note the broken window and extra set of boots in the passenger seat. The child is currently being evaluated by Kadlec staff and RFD.”

The child’s care giver said she put the baby in the carseat and accidentally locked the keys inside. She immediately ran to get help, call 911 and a tow truck company.

Her family said she was treated as a criminal and insulted by the officers. They said the photo shows officers searching her car without consent.

The care giver and many of the people who commented on the post believe it is misleading and makes her look like she left the baby on purpose or forgot the child was in the car.

Many comments question her responsibility and why Richland Police didn’t tell the full story.

One person wrote, “Shame on you Richland Police Department for not telling the whole story. This has been completely blown out of proportion due to you posting very vague information so people can attack this person.”

Others defended the care giver’s mistake, writing to the police department, ” It sounds like this mom was getting the baby in when she got herself locked out. If this is the case, you should update your caption to reflect this. People are being vicious in the comments, and you have the power to curb that.”

Richland Police face backlash for Facebook post about a baby left in a hot car

Richland Police updated the Facebook post at noon on Wednesday, about 20 hours after the original post. They said the case will be sent to Child Protective Services for screening.

We did reach out to RPD about the incident. The department has not responded.