Richland police warn public of door-to-door business scam

Richland police warn public of door-to-door business scam

The Richland Police Department is warning the public of a recently detected business scam.

A man tried to offer carpet cleaning services without any verification. He claimed to be in town from SEA-TAC for the day canvassing a Richland neighborhood for residents that need their carpet cleaned.

Driving an unmarked truck and wearing plain clothes, he didn’t present any identification or proof that he owned a business.

The reporting party didn’t fall for the apparent scam, but Richland police say they want to make sure others don’t fall for it either.

Here are some tips to avoid getting robbed by similar business scams:

Do not do business with door-to-door sales people unless you can verify that they have a local office.

Contractors should always be able to prove that they have a contractor’s license.

Don’t do business right on the spot. If you are not sure they are reputable, take their information and do some follow up.

Don’t be afraid to offend someone by not doing business with them.

If it doesn’t seem right, call your local BBB to ask if there have been any complaints of this type or against this company.