More than 85 acres impacted by Richland wildfires; crews are assessing damages

RICHLAND, Wash. — Last night, Richland Emergency Services announced that the wildfires which engulfed vegetation at the Yakima River Delta were officially under control. This morning, Richland Police Captain Drew Florence provided an update on the situation, which no longer poses a threat to the public, but requires a concerted effort from first responders.

Crews are spending the day assessing damages to the area. They are on high alert for damaged trees that survived the heavy flames, as they pose a significant risk to hikers and wildlife in the area.

With that being the case, the bike path along the Columbia Path Trail is closed through the Lee-Volpentest Bridges on I-182. Richland city officials confirm that all freeway lanes are open today on State Route 240 and I-182. However, foot traffic is restricted in the area out of an abundance of caution for the community.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: Richland Emergency Services says wildfire is under control

As of now, the wildfire is said to have burned 85 acres; though a more definite assessment of the damage will be completed later on. The fire isn’t progressing at this point and is contained to designated burn zones, where fire crews will monitor its progression. However, Cpt. Florence wants to remind the community to heed caution as they traverse Richland today.

“Just ’cause there’s not fire or smoke doesn’t mean there’s not a danger from being burnt,” Cpt. Florence said. “There’s ash piles and other things that can take a long time, several days [to cool down], and they can cause critical burns if you happen to be walking through and step on one of the hot spots.”

In the aftermath of yesterday’s roaring fire, you can expect to see some smoke from the area while the fire smolders.

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