Richland sledding spot draws crowds on snow days

Sledding, Spending Time Outdoors Can Be Beneficial For Health

RICHLAND, Wash. – “We came to sled and the snow is awesome,” Cash Jefferies who was sledding at Carmichael Hill said.

“We are having a blast, my wife and I are educators and what else do you do on a snow day than come to Carmichael Hill?” Karl Hedlund, from West Richland said.

Hedlund, a father and teacher, said he and his family have been sledding at Carmichael Hill in Richland for years.

On a day when no one has school, he said it’s vital for them to get outside.

“It’s family time, family time snow, kids get to enjoy the snow and sledding and experience things, it’s really important,” he said.

Even in the snow filled months, getting outside is important.

According to UW Medicine, just being in nature can ease your stress, lessen the risk of certain diseases and help anxiety or depression.

If you add on hiking up a hill after sledding, you can reap the cardiovascular benefits.

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“It’s awesome because we don’t normally get a whole day with him,” Isaac Petersen, another sledder said.

Gabriel and his brother Isaac spent the day sledding with their dad who’s also an educator.

“Now we get to play a ton of snow games with him. Normally we’ll have a big snowball fight in our yard and lots of time we’ll come sledding too,” Gabriel said.

If you’re wondering, how old is too old to sled?

The age limit does not exist.

“Does granny sled? No – yes, kind of,” Sheryn Lytton and her grandsons, Cash and Colton, laughed.

Lytton, a grandmother, isn’t afraid of a little downhill action as she joined in the sledding.

“I love it, I brought my camera to take pictures I always do, they’re really special to me, I love them,” she said.

If not for the health benefits, Sheryn said the boys needed to get outdoors to burn off all their energy.

“It’s been good because they’ve been so cooped up so, it gets the energy out of them because they’re bouncing all over my house. I said ‘we got to go sledding’ to calm you guys down some, I’m going to wear them out today before we go back home,” she said.

Carmichael Hill is located next to Carmichael Middle School in Richland.