Richland woman donating time, shopping for those who can’t leave home due to isolation

RICHLAND, Wash. — A Richland woman is helping her community during the COVID-19 pandemic by shopping for those who can’t leave their home due to social distancing or isolation.

Brettany Green has been shopping for people for about a week. Green said she realized how much this virus is impacting people who are immunocompromised or elderly.

“I started going grocery shopping and I’ve also started volunteering my marketing assistance services to local small businesses that are being affected by the pandemic,” Green said.

She said she’s being using gloves when touching the products and her best friend is now making facemasks for Green. She said she also disinfects everything before delivering it.

“It’s mostly been a lot of appreciation,” Green said. “Most people aren’t even asking for help. They’re reaching out just to say thank you.”

Green said she’s offering this service until everyone is safe community-wise. While she’s asking people to pay for the items that she’s shopping for — gas and her time are completely free.

There’s also a Tri-Cities Facebook group aimed at people who are in need during this pandemic or others who want to donate their time and resources.

“Seeing people step up in that way and they seeing that they register that we need to be together,” Green said. “We have to help each other — that’s incredible. And that’s not something everywhere has. I believe that our community is especially is great at being here for each other.”

While she’s shopping, Green is trying to support small businesses at the same time.