Ride Transit Month: Environmental benefits

Ride Transit Month: Environmental benefits

June is not over yet, which means it is still “Ride Transit Month” across Washington state.

Ben Franklin Transit, along with multiple transportation agencies are urging people to ride public transportation this month.

You can take the pledge online for a chance to win prizes, but by taking the bus or catching a train, you are also reducing your carbon footprint.

According to the American Transportation Association, for an average two car household, 55 percent of emissions will come from driving those two cars.

If one person takes public transportation instead of having a second car, emissions will be cut in half.

“That’s probably the single biggest thing any household can do, individually, to make an impact with reduction of carbon emissions,” said Michele Casey, customer service and marketing manager for Ben Franklin Transit.

“This is a way to raise awareness and get people to choose to try public transportation,” she said.

Studies show that by reducing one car, a two car household can save up to $9,000.

To take the pledge, click here.