Roasters Coffee employees protest in Pasco

Protesters gather at Roasters Coffee

PASCO, Wash. — Employees of Roasters Coffee protested in front of the coffee shop on Saturday because the company has not taken a stance on the Black Lives Matter movement, according to an employee.

The organizer of the protest said that half of the group of protesters is employed by the company.

The protesters started around 10:00 a.m. in front of Roasters Coffee on Burden Blvd. near Road 68.

“Silence is compliance, and because they’re choosing to not take a stand on this for the people of color that work for them, it’s saying a huge thing to them as a whole and as a company,” said Cailey Wright, the protest organizer and current employee of the company.

As they protested on the sidewalk, many cars went through the drive-thru, but Wright said it looked different today.

There was an orange fence separating the cars in the drive-thru and the protesters on the street and Wright said that it wasn’t there last night.

In a flyer created about the event, it says to “come support the movement and the rights of workers to express their support!”