Roasters Coffee officially undergoes transition to Black Rock Coffee Bar

KENNEWICK, Wash. — It’s National Coffee Day, and while going to get some caffeine, some Tri-Citians may have noticed their familiar red Roasters Coffee in Kennewick is now a dark gray building.

That’s because Black Rock Coffee Bar, a company that started in Portland, Oregon back in 2008, bought out Roasters months ago and is now working on transitioning the brick-and-mortar stores.

But for the loyal coffee fanatics, officials say to not fret as they plan on keeping some of the fan-favorite items.

For example, the popular “Rocket” and “Horchata Rocket” drinks are still on the menu but the energy drinks are now called “Fuel.”

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“The goal is to not only fuel people’s story through caffeine but fuel their day,” said Black Rock COO and co-founder Daniel Brand. “When we acquired Roasters we wanted to keep the employee base and we wanted to keep the customer base happy, so to keep all the employees on board and make the transition easy was a huge priority.”

Brand said the company is founded on “coffee, community, and connection.”

“Black Rock really likes to be involved in every community that we have a store in,” Brand said. “We serve coffee and we love that portion of it but at the end of the day we’re a people company.”

He added that employees follow the four G’s: growth, gratitude, grit, and grace.

“On a daily basis life is not easy so if we can spread positivity out into the community and make people 1% better every day, that’s our goal,” Brand said.

Currently, two Black Rock stores have transitioned in Kennewick.

Their locations are:

  • 300 N Ely St.
  • 5215 W. Okanogan Ave.

Officials said they plan to continue converting stores and they hope to be finished by December.


Oregon-based coffee company buys Roasters Coffee