Roger Stone denies sharing information with Trump lawyers

Roger Stone denies sharing information with Trump lawyers
Roger Stone 

Roger Stone said Thursday that he does not have a joint defense agreement with President Donald Trump’s legal team, nor are the two sides sharing information.

Stone, an informal political adviser to the President who was in Washington for a speech, also said he is refusing to testify now to the Senate because it would not be public testimony, despite previously testifying before the House Intelligence Committee behind closed doors.

“Because I am clearly under investigation now and no attorney in their right mind would allow you to put yourself in that jeopardy,” Stone said when asked why he wouldn’t testify to the Senate. “Because this is not about Russian collusion, it’s about the parsing of words. It’s about process crimes and perjury traps, and I decline to participate.”

He said he would be willing to reconsider requests from the Senate if he could testify publicly.

Stone would not say if he would invoke his FIfth Amendment right to not testify in order to avoid incriminating himself if contacted by special counsel Robert Mueller, telling reporters that was a “hypothetical.”

Stone is reportedly a focus of Mueller’s investigation.

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