Rollarena Helps ‘My Friends Place’ with Donations from Anniversary Party

“So Many Homes Yet So Many Homeless”

The Rollareana is donating $5,000 to My Friends Place.

This couldn’t have come at a better time because without it My Friends Place was going to have to close its doors on January first.

My Friends Place is the only teen shelter in the Tri Cities.

It provides homeless teens with a safe place to stay, food, a shower, all the necessities they need.

Many of the teens are fleeing from domestic violence or abuse.

According to Daisy Vargas, the shelter supervisor, My Friends Place has a hard time receiving grant money because many teens don’t fit the county’s definition of homeless.

That definition is someone who has been sleeping outdoors for multiple days.

Many homeless teens sleep on their friend’s couches or in abandoned buildings.

My Friends Place doesn’t have a definition for homeless teens but it won’t accept teens with warrants, run-aways, anyone who comes in under the influence or sex offenders.