Rollarena’s 60th Anniversary

Rollarena’s 60th Anniversary

An establishment that’s seen a lot of birthday parties over the years celebrated one of its own. The Rollarena in Richland is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

The Rollarena has been in Alan Bacon’s family for 60 years.

He has been running it for about 35 years now but says he’s really worked here for all 60.

Nedless to say this is a very special place to him.

“I’ve had this longer than my house or any home. My parents started it, they built it themselves my dad was a contractor and we’ve been able to keep it going in the ups and downs of the Tri Cities economy,” said Bacon.

Bacon said what keeps this business afloat is the fact that socialzing with friends never goes out of style.

Jeff Jacobs, a Tri Cities radio station owner who got his start in radio thanks to his DJing skills at a skating rink agreed with Bacon.

Jacobs started DJimg at a staking rink when he was ten.

“This was the place to go, it was the place to hang out with friends. You couldn’t drive yet your friends were here you came and had fun and waited for mom to pick you up. It was about socilaizing it was before cell phones before anything it was the place to hang out with friends,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs then persuded a career in radio and when he was 18 he would do radio during the day and DJ a the Rollarena in the evenings.