RSD adds advisory groups to increase equity and improve schools

RICHLAND, Wash. — The Richland School District announced a new safety and inclusivity plan that aims to increase diversity and improve equality.

The plan includes three advisory groups: one for middle-schoolers, one for equity and diversity, and one for the community.

Dr. Shelley Redinger, the new superintendent, said the committee is looking for “diverse community members.”

“I haven’t been in a community where there wasn’t some issues with equity and diversity,” Dr. Redinger said. “Getting the right people on that committee to help the work move forward will be critical.”

An advisory group for high-schoolers already exists but Dr. Redinger said these conversations are important for everyone to have.

“We’ll start those this year on Zoom and then hopefully migrate to in-person, this year would be nice but I will continue to do it annually,” she said.

The groups focus on bringing people into the discussion and finding the best ways to navigate through issues and improve on them.

“We will start tackling issues that are on everyone’s minds that need to be addressed with clear action plans and things that will be addressed throughout the system,” Dr. Redinger added.

Outside of the groups, Dr. Redinger said she will look into school data and training opportunities for teachers.

“Hopefully, this plan we’ve come up with will help us move forward as an entire community and not divide us,” Dr. Redinger said.