RSD owes thousands to former deputy superintendent removed from position

Former Richland School District Deputy Superintendent Dr. Nicole MacTavish has landed a new job with a school district in Oregon, but Richland will still have to pay her thousands of dollars.

KAPP-KVEW has obtained the settlement agreement between MacTavish and the district. On June 20, the two parties agreed to vacate MacTavish’s upcoming three year Superintendent contract, with MacTavish receiving a lump sum payout of $62,000.

The district originally placed MacTavish in a new role as the deputy superintendent of operations, where she would make $186,000.

Instead, MacTavish found work outside of Portland with the Reynolds School District as the Chief Academic Officer. Her exact salary is not known, but an online posting of the job said it paid between $137,000 to $175,000.

Depending on her exact salary, Richland still owes her thousands of dollars. As part of the settlement agreement, the district could be paying MacTavish anywhere from $83,000 to $121,000 on top of her salary from her role with Reynolds.

If for some reason MacTavish is unable to continue her employment with Reynolds after this year, Richland will pay her $200,000 a year for the 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 school years.

KAPP KVEW reached out to MacTavish for a statement but did not hear back.