Russell Wilson aspires to own the Seattle Seahawks one day

During an MVP-caliber season, Seattle Seahawks star Russell Wilson ponders owning the team he represents.
Russell Wilson
Seattle Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson rifles a pass during an NFL football game in Seattle, Wash.

SEATTLE, Wash. — Seattle Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson has been the face of the franchise for quite some time, but he’s not satisfied with just playing the sport. Eventually, the ambitious future Hall of Famer hopes to own the team where he’s created his legacy.

During a conversation with Dallas Mavericks majority owner Mark Cuban on the DangerTalk podcast, Wilson discussed the possibility of running the team.

“I would love to own the Seattle Seahawks one day,” Wilson said. “Just the city is so special and I really, obviously, love football and just being a part of it.”

Russell Wilson and his wife, popular recording artist Ciara, are already part-owners of MLS club Seattle Sounders FC. The 32-year-old star quarterback is doing his part to make Seattle a national hub for sports once again. He even mentioned an interest in bringing the Seattle SuperSonics back.

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After a failed arena deal in 2009, Seattle’s NBA team relocated and re-branded to become the Oklahoma City Thunder. At the time, the team was home to perennial MVP candidate Kevin Durant. Wilson noted the storied basketball tradition in Seattle and his hopes of bringing the team home one day. Cuban, who voted against the move in ’09, agreed.

Beyond that, Wilson noted the importance of becoming a Black owner of a major sports team in the United States. Only two minorities hold significant ownership stock in NFL teams: Kim Pegula of the Buffalo Bills and Shahid Rafiq Khan of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Wilson noted the mentorship of the late Paul Allen, who was an early investor in Microsoft and went on to claim majority ownership over the Portland Trail Blazers and Seattle Seahawks. Allen passed away on Oct. 15, 2018, sending ripples throughout the professional sports landscape.

“Paul [Allen] was a quiet guy, but I got to know him in a pretty in-depth way,” Wilson said. “Me and him, we spent a lot of time together one-on-one before he passed away.

Don’t be surprised if Russell “Mr. Unlimited” Wilson ends up owning the team he plays for. Before he gets there, Russ needs to finish up a 2020-21 NFL season that may end with him earning an MVP trophy.

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