“I’ve always wanted to play here:” Russell Wilson says he never requested a trade

During his first interviews in months, Wilson expressed his commitment to the city of Seattle.
Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

SEATTLE, Wash. — After months of swirling rumors regarding a trade request and preferred destinations, star quarterback Russell Wilson remains committed to winning in Seattle.

Unlike other marquee quarterbacks such as Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun Watson, Wilson is in attendance at the Seahawks’ OTAs (organized team activities) ahead of the 2021-22 NFL season.

In his first official media availability since reports of a fractured relationship between Wilson and team leadership surfaced, he shrugged off any concerns about his commitment to the team.

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“I’ve always wanted to play here for my whole career. I think there were some unfortunate frustrations after the season — you know obviously, you want to win it all,” Wilson said. “Unfortunately, it got a little bit blown out of proportion. My ultimate goal is to win.”

The Seahawks legend went on to highlight how the possibility of a trade always looms over professional sports. However, he made it clear that he never requested a trade despite the expectation that teams were calling to acquire the 2020 Walter Payton Man of the Year.

Reports indicated that the Chicago Bears offered Seattle a massive trade package to make Russell Wilson their starting quarterback. The Seahawks promptly declined, showing their trust and faith that the team remained committed to having Wilson under center in the upcoming season.

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Many of Wilson’s alleged concerns stemmed from unreliable play from his offensive line. Per Pro Football Focus (PFF), Wilson has been sacked more than any quarterback since 2017 with 188, which is 15 more than the second-most sacked QB. This offseason, the Seahawks addressed his concerns by adding a handful of new tight ends and offensive linemen to protect the team’s most coveted player.

When asked about offensive line concerns, Wilson praised his teammates despite their inability to protect him over the years.

“I have great relationships with a lot of guys on this team,” Wilson said. “What explains everything is winning, you know? Just finding a way to win. I think that’s just the truth of this game; just the truth of professional sports every day and that’s what I wake up to do.”


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