‘Sara, if you are listening, please come home’: Family of missing Spokane teen begs for her return

“Sara, if you are listening, please come home. You are not in trouble. You are loved. We just want you safe.”

The family of a missing 17-year-old girl is begging for her to come home.

Sara McNease, who has Aspberger’s, bipolar disorder and PTSD, went missing from the Spokane Community College parking lot on Tuesday morning and has not been seen since.

At a press conference Thursday, attorney Jill Hogberg spoke on behalf of McNease’s family. Hogberg said McNease’s disappearance is extremely out of character, but did say she does not function at the level of a regular 17-year-old and can be gullible.

Hogberg described the teen as a “good girl” who was actively engaged in school and looking forward to being a part of student government. Hogberg said the family had no reason to suspect McNease had any intention of running away.

The family of Sara McNease says the 17 year old disappeared from Spokane Community College Tuesday. Police found her car along with a note which Sara’s mom says was not her handwriting, said she was running away to Idaho with her boyfriend. #4NewsNow pic.twitter.com/h7oDCZJRuy

— Kyle Simchuk (@KyleKXLY) October 10, 2019

McNease’s mother said her daughter contacted her around 8:10 a.m. on Tuesday, saying she made it to school. The teen’s classmates said she did not show up to her 8:30 a.m. class.

Hogberg said a note was found in McNease’s car and indicated she ran away to Idaho with her boyfriend. McNease’s family and friends said they were unaware that she was involved in any type of romantic relationship.

The note was reportedly signed in block print and not in her handwriting. It was also signed in Sara’s legal name, which she had not gone by in many years, Hogberg said.

The family said it appears her cell phone has also been restored to factory settings.

Major Crimes investigators have taken over the case. Anyone with information is asked to call 509-363-8236.

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