Scam Warning From Walla Walla PD

IRS Scam Alert

From the Walla Walla PD. As always, all law enforcement reminds people not to ever give out personal information over the phone.

A local resident contacted the police department to report another phone scam. The caller left a message on her phone, allegedly from the IRS, stating to call immediately. The caller left a name, badge number, and phone number. When the woman called back, she was informed that the IRS had filed a lawsuit against her for not paying taxes, but it could be settled immediately for a specific amount sent via wire transfer. When she told the person she wasn’t going to pay them anything, he became very upset and started yelling obscenities at her.While this specific caller wasn’t very sophisticated in his techniques, it is a good reminder that any solicitation, demanding payment by wire transfer, is a fraud. And, the IRS notifies citizens of lawsuits by mail and the Courts, not by telephone demanding immediate payment